LA PRINCIPAL MALLORCA SL has proposed that its website have a design accessible to all users with the minimum of possible obstacles.

LA PRINCIPAL MALLORCA SL applies the WAI standard regulation (Web Accessibility Initiative) adopted by the European Union. Our pages meet the AA level accessibility guidelines defined by the WAI standards, whose main function is that the content can be easily converted into other formats and make it understandable and navigable.

Thanks to this, a person with some type of decrease like any other who is in a circumstance that makes it difficult for him to access the information on a web page can access the content successfully.

The page has been designed so that you can change the size of the text in your browser to be able to change the sizes of the texts on the page.

The website has a series of shortcuts that can be used by navigation programs for the blind.

At LA PRINCIPAL MALLORCA SL we are aware of the need to offer information to everyone and avoid that the obstacles of a person's disability do not allow users to enjoy the latest technologies.